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Littleton, CO

Torta Ahogada


A famous dish in Jalisco. Torta bread filled with shredded carnitas and pickled red onions, heavily smothered in a guajillo chile sauce with roasted tomato, onions, cumin and garlic. Served with a fried jalapeño on the side.

Add Ons:Avocado Slice (ADD ON) +$1.75Beans - Refried (ADD ON) +$2Beans - Whole Black (ADD ON) +$2Cheese - Cotija (ADD ON) +$0.75Cheese - Monterey Jack (ADD ON) +$0.75Cheese - Panela (ADD ON) +$0.75Cheese - Queso Fresco (ADD ON) +$0.75Cheese - White Cheddar (ADD ON) +$0.75Fajita Veggies - (ADD ON) +$2.50Guacamole (ADD ON) +$2Jalapeño Diced (ADD ON) +$0.50Pico de Gallo +$0.75Protein - Al Pastor (ADD ON) +$3Protein - Camerones (ADD ON) +$7Protein - Carne Asada (ADD ON) +$3Protein - Carnitas (ADD ON) +$3Protein - Chicken Tinga (ADD ON) +$3Protein - Fajita Chicken (ADD ON) +$5Protein - Lengua (ADD ON) +$5Protein - Pescado (ADD ON) +$7Protein - Skirt Steak (ADD ON) +$10Protein - Soyrizo (ADD ON) +$2.50Rice - Chicken Stock (ADD ON) +$2Rice - VEGAN (ADD ON) +$2Salsa - Avocado (ADD ON) +$1.50Salsa - House Red (ADD ON) +$1Salsa - Tomatillo (ADD ON) +$1Sauces - Chili Rojo (ADD ON) +$2Sauces - Chili Verde Michoacán (ADD ON) +$2Sauces - Chipotle Mushroom Cream (ADD ON) +$2Sauces - Habanero Sauce (ADD ON) +$1.50Sauces - Mole (ADD ON) +$2.50Sauces - Pipian +$2Sauces - Roasted Tomatillo Sauce (ADD ON) +$1Sour Cream (ADD ON) +$0.75Tortillas (3) - Corn (ADD ON) +$1.50Tortillas (3) - Flour (ADD ON) +$1.50
Exclusions (Torta Ahogada):NO JALAPENO
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